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This content was written for Maid By Ninjas Home Cleaning Service. 

Maid By Ninjas is the best cleaning service in the area! If your wife is getting on your back about getting the house clean, it’s time to schedule your Wilmington home cleaning! We’ve got your back to get it into shape! She wants you to take care of getting the house clean, right? But did she say how? We promise she will be amazed by how spotless the home is, that she will thank you for hiring us to take care of it! Quick, write down our number. It’s 910-457-5458. If you don’t want her to hear you, visit our website: maidbyninjas.com. Now you can tell her you have the cleaning handled. She’s been on your back for quite a while now to get the house clean to her standards, you know it’s time to call the experts at Maid By Ninjas to make her smile. Our prices are reasonable, and we’ll do an outstanding job, she may even cry! Better yet, Mother’s Day is coming! Schedule a Wilmington home cleaning as a gift she will certainly be happy with. You won’t even need to lift a finger. The job can be completed while you take her to spend the day at the park with the children, or while you are out to eat. How nice of a surprise will it be to create such a special day for her, then come home and surprise her with a clean so fabulous she will be at a loss for words! So, what are you waiting for? Get on the schedule and plan her gift in advance! Our team of professionals are eager to help you. Give us a call at 910-457-5458 or request an appointment online at maidbyninjas.com.

You don’t have kids, you say? No problem! Your gal will certainly love an “anytime” gift, and especially the gift of an immaculately clean home just because. Did you forget about an anniversary, or forget to buy a gift for Christmas and Valentine’s Day? Getting a Wilmington home cleaning scheduled with Maid By Ninjas will put a smile on her face, and put you back on her good list! Trust us, we’ve been there too. The greatest gift you can give her, is the one she ALWAYS wants: a spotless, clean house, even if just for the night. If you really want to impress her, then make it a regular service. We can service your home as you please, whether it be weekly, monthly, or a couple times a year. Schedule it in advance, or call us when it’s time. Your wife will certainly love a gift that keeps on giving, and thank you for years to come! It can be a surprise while you are out for the day. We can even come to your home while you take her on that vacation she has been planning for months on end. You know the one, the one she’s been talking about nonstop that you’ve drowned it out. Oh, you did forget? That’s okay! You get to go and play, and we will make the home clean for when you arrive home again. You will both be amazed. And how nice is it to come back to a home that is clean from top to bottom? Vacations are exhausting, no sense in coming back to a messy house to stress you more.

If you like to make sure the work is complete to your personal needs, contact our team today to talk about your Wilmington home cleaning. We are happy to serve your specific needs. If you are home during your service, we will enjoy meeting you! Tell us what you prefer, and watch as we take care of the house for you. Your wife will love the work we do, and we promise you will love that you didn’t have to do it yourself with her nagging you! The best part is our reasonable prices. We offer a service you can certainly afford, and you can schedule your frequency based on your budget.  Making sure your home is spotless is important to us, which is why we want to provide you with a Wilmington home cleaning. We will make sure it is shining from top to bottom. You know those places she always gets on to you about forgetting? We get those, and more! We will clean the couch, the baseboards, the bathroom, and underneath the rug! You didn’t know you needed to clean under the rug? That’s where all the dirt, and pet hair (if you have pets), disappears to. We make sure to get it all, leaving you with a clean you are proud of. 

Your wife has probably stopped taking care of the household chores to persuade you to complete them. Does it lead to a fight? Do you both get irritated with the mess piling up? We want to help! We will take the stress out of the relationship in the way that we can: by cleaning your home, and making your bed. Yes, we clean sheets, and put them on too. We seriously are the best at helping you. Less stress, no mess, without lifting a finger. You will wonder why you waited so long to schedule this service. But don’t forget, this wasn’t for you. It is for HER! Tell her that, trust us, it works. She wants to be spoiled and taken care of. We know you hate cleaning, so let us help. She doesn’t care how the work gets done. And especially after she sees the clean and shine, she will thank you for hiring us each time. It’s an expense you will see you need, once we make you home sparkling clean. Why are you still reading this message? You should be on the phone with one of our friendly professionals scheduling your Wilmington home cleaning service to make you and the wife smile! Get Maid By Ninjas on your side today, call us at 910-457-5458 so we can be on our way! You may also schedule a time by visiting us at maidbyninjas.com online!