About Us

Maid By Ninjas is your go-to home cleaning team that provides customized cleaning services for residential and commercial properties. We are committed to providing excellent customer service and we pay supreme attention to detail. Our staff is dedicated to WOWing you by helping keep your interior living and working spaces clean and sanitized. Not only will you receive a WOW experience with our cleaning experts, but you will also receive a service that is catered to what matters the most to you. We strive to provide services that keep your home fresh and clean and looking amazing, while also providing you with the extra attention to detail that makes you feel like you have a live-in house cleaner! Our home cleaning services are far from the average cleaning.

Maid By Ninjas is a sister company to the fabulous exterior cleaning company known as Window Ninjas. We decided to start a new, separate company that provides interior cleaning for residential and commercial properties because our customers were telling us that this was a need of theirs. Window Ninjas’ customers were amazed at the customer service experience they received and were wanting the same experience when it came to their interior home cleaning services. We decided to take on this request and provide all of our customers high quality cleaning services for their interior living and working spaces. Our devotion to customer service is what sets us apart from any other company out there. From the ease of the use of our website to the friendliness of the person you speak with on the phone to the amazing quality of service we provide for you, our dedication to providing our customers with homes that are fresh and clean is very apparent!

Gabe Salinas is the owner and founder of Maid By Ninjas. In 2020, he decided to begin offering interior cleaning services to the great city of Wilmington, North Carolina. His desire to transform the home cleaning experience and give residential and commercial customers a WOW experience is what propelled him forward. He recognized that this service needed to be redesigned and performed by professionals that have been fully trained and utilize a systematic approach to cleaning the interior of customers’ properties. That is how Maid By Ninjas was born! Mr. Salinas’ desire and dedication to provide high quality services at a fair and reasonable price has quickly provided success for his company and all the customers’ that Maid By Ninjas serves!

We have a drive each and every day to provide a service that will make you say WOW! We are proud of what we do here at Maid By Ninjas and we want you to utilize our service and look forward to having our team come into your home or commercial building to clean it up and give it the fresh look and feel it once had. From the deep cleaning to the routine maintenance services that we offer, we make your living and working spaces fresh and clean each and every time we provide services. Not only will our team keep the interior of your property looking great, but we will make you feel great because of our warm and pleasant demeanor!

Maid By Ninjas is a trusted professional for many reasons. First and foremost, we are fully insured and bonded. We always respect you and your property, which is one of the reasons why we don’t skip out on having the proper insurances needed to protect you and your property. We spare no expense in keeping our team safe, as well as you and your property safe. When you want your home to look and feel clean, but you don’t want to worry about being responsible for the person performing the service, you should always seek out the help of a company that provides proper protection for both parties. All in all, when you are searching for someone to come out to your home and perform any kind of work, always make sure they are insured and bonded.

Do you dress to impress? We do! The team at Maid By Ninjas is always in full uniform and dressed to impress! Our team always arrives in full uniform and is ready to WOW you! We also arrive in a company vehicle so that we are easily distinguishable. You can expect nothing less than an extraordinary experience all around when you hire our team to provide interior cleaning services on your property. Maid By Ninjas exhibits professionalism in all aspects, from our demeanor to our appearance to the services we provide. Our team makes sure to provide you with a service experience and results that top all others!

Our customers are professionals that live busy lifestyles and simply don’t have the time or energy to keep up with the cleaning and maintenance demands of their homes. They are people who have spouses, kids, pets and many other obligations that take time out of their day-to-day schedules. We understand and are here to lend a helping hand with the cleaning and maintenance on your property. Maid By Ninjas’ team is dedicated to providing customers with a quality service experience that includes great attention to detail. Once more, we will always deliver a customer service experience and results that will literally make you say WOW!

Maid By Ninjas is your go-to service company that provides thorough and comprehensive interior cleaning services for your home, office, or beach-front getaway. We value excellent service and customer satisfaction. These two things go hand in hand with one another and our team makes sure to over-deliver on both. Our team has the knowledge, experience, and tools to make the interior of your dwelling shine like never before. We are always here to help and we are always eager to provide you with a customized cleaning service that exceeds your expectations and keeps your home looking fresh and fabulous! Therefore, when the interior of your home or business could use a pick-me-up, you should give our team of professionals a call! We look forward to hearing from you!