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Wilmington Home Cleaning | Having Pets Is Great

This content was written for Maid By Ninjas.

Are you an animal lover? How many pets do you have? Pets are like our family and just like family members they can make a mess or leave one behind. At Wilmington Home Cleaning we are also a huge fan of our furry friends so we want the best for them. As we all know they can’t clean up themselves so that’s where we come in as their caretakers and maidbyninjas.com want to help. We are always available and you can reach us at 910-457-5458 and speak to our representatives. We have amazing customer service and we strive for excellence. 

So many questions come to mind when referring to families with animals in the home. Where does all that fur go when they shed? I know that we all wish the vacuum could follow them all day and pick it up but that just can’t happen. Then there is all the dirt from when they go out to potty. If you have cats then you know that litter ends up everywhere cause it sticks to their feet. Wilmington Home Cleaning is here to help so you can enjoy your pets and not feel hassled about so much cleanup. We love having their companionship and the joy they bring is irreplaceable. We share our homes, our beds, and sometimes our snacks too. Whether you love big dogs like a St. Bernard or little ones like a yorkie we’ve got you covered. Then there are those who have hypoallergenic dogs because they have allergies. They need a little extra cleaning sometimes. At Wilmington Home Cleaning we want to make sure those allergy needs are met also. Just because you have allergies shouldn’t mean you have to miss out on the joy of having a pet. 

Some people assume that because they don’t have lots of carpet in their home they don’t need to clean as often but it doesn’t work like that. Even if it’s an area that isn’t trafficked much it still needs attention just like the rest. Dander and fur fall from your furry friends every single day. They get into stuff when we are at work or away. What about pets for the kids? Do your kids have a hamster or a guinea pig? What about ferrets? So many animals! They drop food and water droplets but we still love them! Oh and the slobber from the big ones! Do your pets sleep in your bed or do they have their own? We want to spoil them as if they were our own. Wouldn’t you love to spend more time with them too. Let us here at Wilmington Home Cleaning take care of your household needs and give you the exceptional service you deserve. We can clean your home from top to bottom. We cater to your preferences because everyone is different and their needs should be met to their standards. We would be so lonely without our pets. At Wilmington Home Cleaning we pride ourselves in giving our customers exactly what they request. Your home is extremely important and we are privileged to help you maintain its beauty.